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In this post I will try to do my best to carry out an accurate review of Bing Translator as a Machine Translation service. Aiming to this, first of all I will introduce and explain briefly what Machine Translation consist of, and also what is Bing Translator and the way it works. Then two translated texts are shown with their corresponding original ones; one translation is from Spanish to English and the other one from English to Spanish. The reason why I have test the machine with these two languages it is just because they are the languages I master the best, so I thought I could manage myself better to make a good review. Errors committed by Bing Translator are summarized according to the field they belong to at the end of the article. The final conclusion, of course, is based on this data.



Machine translation

Machine Translation is an area of computing linguistic which investigates the use of software in order to translate a written text or oral speech from one natural language to one target language. At a basic level, the machine translator substitutes words from the natural language for words from the target language. However, working this way it is quite difficult to get a good translation, since, for this purpose, recognition of whole phrases and equivalents for these are needed. Yet, corpus and statistical translation techniques have turned to be of great help in this sense.

machine translation.




Bing Translator

Bing Translator (which was previously known as Live Search Translator and Windows Live Translator) is a service provided by Microsoft Corporation which enables users to obtain instant translations of texts and also of entire web pages in different languages (56 languages in total, which are automatically detected once the original text is pasted). Besides, this machine translation includes two transliterations between traditional Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified –transliteration means to convert a text from one script to another- , thanks to Microsoft Windows International Team. One of the advantages of the service is that texts related with computing are translated by a statistical machine translation based on the syntax of Microsoft Technology. This certainly involves a high quality translation.


How does Bing Translator work?


bing uno.          Using Bing Translator is easy peasy:

1-      Select the text and paste it on the left square, or write it down . It can have a maximum of 5,000 characters.  The  language will be detected, although you can select it by yourself. If what you want to translate is a webpage, then select the URL and paste it.

2-      Click on the button Translate. The translated text will instantly appear on the right.




3-      Moreover, on the top of the right square you can select two languages so you can have a bilingual translation, and yet, to make easier the comparison between the original text and the translated one, you can always click on the button that shows the original language and is still in the right side.



Additional features

However, once the translated text has appeared, you can also:

  • Send it to your e-mail address
  • Hear how  it is pronounced
  • Select it
  • Show your opinion by clicking on the “It is an appropriate translation” button or “This is a bad translation” one.


bing funny.




          Translation from Spanish to English


          Original text:

Sí, cree llevar una vida plena, aunque no haya sacado un disco de canciones nuevas desde Endless wire (2006). “Me encanta construir estudios de grabación, es un buen reto para un músico. Dedico mucha energía y dinero a ayudar a gente joven o con problemas. La única ventaja de ser viejo es que puedes pasar por sabio. Y presumo de saber todo sobre cualquier tema. ¡Excepto fútbol! Cuanto más veo, menos entiendo”.

Diego A. Manrique (2014) Mi generación fue demasiado lejos. Retrieved June 11 from


          Bing Translator:

Yes, believed to lead a full life, although he has not released an album of new songs from Endless wire (2006). “I love building recording studios, it is a good challenge for a musician. I spend much energy and money to help young people or with problems. The only advantage of being old is that you can pass by sage. And I presume to know everything about anything. Except football! The more I see, less I understand”.


          My translation

Yes, he/she believes to be living a full life, although he/she has not released a new album since Endless wire (2006). “I love building recording studios, it is a good challenge for a musician. I spend a lot of energy and time helping young people or people who may have problems. The only advantage of being old is that you can pass off by wise. And I boast that I know everything about any topic. Except football! The more I see it, the less I understand it. “



          Translation from English to Spanish


          Original text:

“I want you and Dan and Rupert in really heavy make-up in the background of a scene in Fantastic Beasts, and I’ll join you and we’ll sit in a barroom having a laugh for an afternoon. Do you not think that would be fantastic?” she said. “We can mess around as extras in the background. And then we can see if anyone can spot us. I personally would like to be in drag, just to make sure no one can spot me at all.”

Alison Flood (2014) J.K. Rowling backtracks on Harry Potter Heresy. Retrieved June 11 from


          Bing Translator:

“Quiero que tú y Dan y Rupert en maquillaje muy pesado en el fondo de una escena de animales fantásticos y a unirme a ustedes y a sentarnos en un bar tomando el pelo para pasar la tarde. ¿No crees que sería fantástico?” dijo. “Nosotros podemos jugar como extras en el fondo. Y entonces podremos ver si alguien nos puede detectar. Me personalmente gustaría estar disfrazado de mujer, sólo para asegurarse de que nadie puede ayudarmeen todo.”


          My translation:

“Quiero que tú y Dan y Rupert aparezcáis en el fondo de una escena de Bestias fantásticas con un maquillaje muy pesado, y me uniré a vosotros y nos sentaremos en un bar echando unas risas una tarde. ¿No creéis que sería increíble?” dijo. “Podemos hacer el tonto como si fuésemos extras. Y luego podemos comprobar si alguien nos puede pillar. Personalmente me gustaría disfrazarme de mujer, simplemente para asegurarme que nadie en absoluto puede verme.”





Grammar mistakes.

Taking into account that in Spanish it is not necessary to specify the subject of the sentence, since the verb will indicate this to us, it is to be mentioned that Bing Translator is not able to make this difference. A good example of this can be seen in the first text.

Sí, cree (he/she) llevar una vida plena is translated as Yes, believed to lead a full live. In the English sentence we do not know who does the action, whilst in the sentence in Spanish we do know it is referring to the third person of singular. Therefore, an appropriate translation would have been  Yes, he/she believes to…. /Yes, the musician believes to… The same happens  with the sentence The more I see, the less I understand. In this case, the right form would have been The more I see it, the less I understand it (referring to football).

Besides, the translated sentence ¿No crees que sería fantástico?, in the second case, is incorrect too. In fact, despite the fact that in English you can refer to both and vosotros, the previous sentence in English mentions Dan and Rupert, so it is not coherent to use crees. The correct form would have been creéis (vosotros).

On the other hand, the machine translator also has an issue with verb tenses. For instance, and I’ll join you is translated as Y a unirme a ustedes, although not many mistakes in this same line are found.

Finally, concerning grammar, some prepositions have been incorrectly used (e.g. en maquillaje muy pesado is the literal translation for in really heavy make-up, but what it really means is con un maquillaje muy pesado.


  Vocabulary mistakes.                   

As regards collocations (two or more words that often go together) and expressions, the translator shows clear mistakes in both translated texts I have checked.

  • An English speaker would say To live a full life, and not to lead a full life.
  • To mess around means hacer el tonto, and not jugar.
  • To have a laugh is confused with to laugh at somebody. To have a laugh means echarse unas risas, and to laugh at smbdy. means tomar el pelo.
  • Spot out is used when somebody is able to see another person among other people. For this reason, detectar is not correct; it has the same meaning but it refers to things. In Spanish you would more probably say pillar a alguien.

Besides, the machine translator falls into the trap of the so-called False Friends. Indeed, in the first text translates presumo as presume, but the correct verb in English would be to boast (+that).

Concerning the range of vocabulary, it is not poor, yet, sabio has been translated as sage, which has nothing to do with it. Sabio in English means wise.




Both texts reflect well enough the main ideas of the original texts. Likewise, it is also true that there are many mistakes concerning grammar and vocabulary, yet most of them are minor errors.

All in all, although the lack of context leads the machine to a literal translation in many cases, I consider them acceptable translations, certainly, taking into account that a machine translation and a human translation are not comparable at any level.







The Image Club’s online promoting plan

the imageThe Image Club is a very popular night club located in Berango. It was founded in 1998 with the aim of offering a new concept in Bilbao’s night. Indeed, it was a commitment to quality, style and, above all, exclusivity at their parties and service to the customers. Their target has always been the same; they try to turn every night into something unique and want everybody to fully enjoy all the charms of the club.

The ones in charge of promoting the night club, having witnessed the pull of social networks in recent years -particularly in the case of young people, which are its main customers- have launched a marketing plan based on Internet , and especially in social networks. The Image Club owns currently an official website and accounts on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, each of them with thousands of followers.

As far as the website is concerned, the page has a striking design in order to capture the attention of those visiting it. Besides, The Image Club’s logo is placed at the top of the page. Likewise, it announces the festivals and events that will take place through original posters that contain all the necessary information -price of tickets, type of music, etc.- In addition, the site has a section called “Flyers” (term which means “cheapened entries”) that offers the possibility to join a list that allows access to the club by paying a lower amount of money than usual and also to benefit from other discounts. The fact that the nightclub itself provides cheapened entries is clearly a strategy. Nonetheless, as this article focuses on promotion strategies implemented in the network, it would like to stress that it is necessary to register and become a site user to access this section as well as to access the “Gallery” section, which features a series of photos … The point is that, at the time of registration, you must fill out a form that, apart from other personal data, it requests the e-mail address. For this reason, we could say that they use these sections, which are precisely the most interesting ones, as “bait”; the truth is that it is used as an excuse to get e-mails and send them lots of advertising.

As for Twitter, the disco and also its public relationships own a profile. What they look for in both cases, beyond providing relevant information (which, certainly, they also do it), is to get closer to the customers by interacting with them. The truth is that one of the greatest advantages offered by this network is the possibility of have conversations with other users. It promotes the organized parties through funny messages, and even, sometimes, include music videos so that young people get motivated (that way they will surely have a bigger desire to go out at night). However, the first step to be taken when creating an account on this social network is searching for “followers” with similar profiles to the customers’ ones. Thus, whenever a tweet is published by @theimage_bilbao, it appears in the profile of all its followers. It would be also worth mentioning that, in the case of public relations, they provide their mobile phone number and the name they use in Tuenti for those who are interested in getting in contact with them in order to get flyers or other discounts.

As I’ve already mentioned, The Image Club has also its official Facebook account. However, it is to be said that it’s profile is a “fanpage”, that is, a followers page.These followers will be obtained when customers click the button “Like it” that will appear on its profile page. Again, as in the case of Twitter, the more followers the page obtains, the more known and recognized it becomes (the club’s page in Facebook has over five thousand people following it). So, now, followers will be able to see all that content published by the page. This type of profile provides the nightclub certain category; the truth is that the most usual thing is to start creating a common profile (instead of a person, the conventional profile of a entrepreneurship or business) and obtain a certain amount of “friends” so as to enable a fanpage. The logo of the nightclub, as it could not be otherwise, appears as the profile image; that way, those accessing the page will immediately identify it with the nightclub. Likewise, the page has much visual appeal for those visiting it; apart from having an original and sophisticated design, at the top of the page it appears a picture of two women holding a sign saying “The Image Club”. On the other hand, it can be seen that most of the page’s contents are short and easy to read; it is a strategy not to bore the readers and to enable them getting the information they are looking for in an efficient way. The owners of this account also update music videos containing songs that will be heard in the club so as to encourage people to go to the disco. In addition, they carry out raffles of entries and make funny remarks in order to promote future events and parties (with the same purpose, they also hang the striking posters I have already talked about. Anyone who accesses to the page will be able to press the “Like it” button that will appear below each of the contents. Finally, it is to be said that, likewise, there is a section called “Tickets” that offers the possibility of buying entries online for parties that will soon take place.

To finish with online strategies we should not forget about Tuenti, the most used social network by Spanish young people. Indeed, most of the public relations working for the nightclub own a Tuenti account. Thanks to the searcher of the social network, which offers the great advantage of carrying out the research by age, by sex, by school, by college, and by enterprise, they send a “friend request” to those who have a similar profile to the disco’s customers. If the user to whom the request has been sent accepts it, becoming that way “friend” of him or her, then the user will be able to be informed about all the organized parties by visiting the account of the public relations, as well as to ask for tickets or invitation either using the chat of the social network or sending a private message. However, public relations also tend to give their mobile phone number in case the customer wants to get in contact through WhatsApp application.
To sum up, we can say that The Image Club has developed a perfect online strategy for getting promoted. In fact, it has used as much as social networks as possible apart from creating an official website, which is certainly essential. Moreover, when using those social networks it has managed to focus the marketing plan in young people, that is, its regular customers. However, the most important thing to note is the suitable use it has made of these resources when promoting the business, that is, it has shared just the necessary information to achieve its goal; this is precisely what has enabled its good reputation on the net.

Cristina de la Bodega Domingo-Aldama


The Image Club’s official website

The Image Club’s official Facebook account!/pages/The-Image-Club/53095089066?fref=ts

The Image Club’s official Twitter account

The Image Club’s one of the public relationships’ Twitter account

Shopping strategy: Lollipop

Lollipop 2Due to the transcendence that social networks have acquired in recent years, entrepreneurs have seen the great opportunity of making a platform of them in order to carry out a new marketing plan. With this approach, companies intend to use social networks as a means of promotion of their products, thus establishing a closer relationship with their customers. The truth is that the impact that these social networks have in today’s society, can help getting the business to an important number of people.

We have created a new clothing store called “Lollipop”, which focuses on selling prom dresses and accessories for the occasion -designed by Alicia Rueda- at a fair price, ensuring also good customer service. As we want our products be known by a wide public, we have developed a series of strategies based mainly on social networks; it could not be otherwise in a world dominated by new technologies.

Owing to the fact that keeping a blog will virtually allow us to move from being a “nobody” to someone more recognized in the industry, the first step we will take will be creating a blog, which obviously will be a public one. We will use the WordPress platform since it guarantees blog of low cost. The first thing we will do will be to begin to follow others blogs – we will begin following those that are related to our branch, that is to say, with the fashion altar thus to be obtaining more and more following and to be doing a hollow to us in the blogosphere. The name of blog one before will never be used and most original possible one. Thus, people will pay attention to him and she will remember it, which will increase the visits to blog. Like good bloggers, we will publish posts with enough frequency. In them we will include images of articles of a way that these are attractive at first sight, and, by all means, also of the accessories that will accompany them. Also we will show possible looks inspiring to us, sometimes, in famous people and will provide excellent information to our followers as far as discounts, next collections and even information about the person in charge of these designs, Alicia Rueda. Some posts will be centered in events fashionable or celebrations of the high society occurred recently, including videos most of times so that, that way, the readers pay attention to the similarities that exist between the dresses and accessories of the store and the others, and as well, we will take advantage of to insist on the moderate prices that our establishment offers.

Since our main objective is to sell as much as possible online products and thus increase sales, we will create our own website too. Its design will be as striking as possible. That way we will try getting the attention of those accessing the page so that they stay longer knowing about its content, leaving aside the originality of the design, we do think that the website’s structure must also be clear and ordered. The logo of the store will appear enlarged at the top of the page (description). Likewise, the website will be divided into a number o sections: Collection (with original pictures of our products), Atelier (to get in contact with the designer if somebody wants a personalized dress), Videos (we will update advertising videos) and Customer support (in case a customer wants to get in contact with us). Additionally, the visitors will be able to put all the garments they would like to buy online in a “shopping cart”; the way to do it will very simple, they will just have to click on the button “Like it” that will appear below each image exposed in the Collection section.

Finally, through the social network Twitter, we will try to establish a closer relationship with our customers. Indeed, this social network offers the possibility of having conversations with the rest of users. For this reason, we will answer to everyone getting on to us in order to ask something, and also to those who just make a remark about the store or about a tweet published in the profile. However, the first step we will take before starting to interact with users will be to find as much as followers as possible; in point of fact the more followers you have the more recognized you become. Likewise, thanks to the messages known as tweets, we will carry out raffles for customers to get discounts, organize fun games, show pictures of the latest clothes and launch a product line exclusively through the social network. The main thing for us will be to be witty and innovative at all times, and even show a sense of humor, which will result in the close relationship we are looking for.

To conclude, social networks have become a perfect tool so as to spread a business: they are highly effective and low cost. Nevertheless, it is also to be considered that the fact of being such a powerful tools should lead us to make a responsible and prudent use of them: we must have clear what is the information we want to reach the customers, which is essential if we are looking for a good reputation on the net.

Cristina de la Bodega Domingo-Aldama


ZARA’s official website

ALICIA RUEDA’s official website

Code of Conduct to proper use of blogs

Blogs provide the keepers of these the great opportunity of being able to interact with other blog members and share opinions about current issues. However, this advantage can become a disadvantage if we consider that the freedom offered by the blogosphere when expressing oneself can lead to great controversy and, sometimes, unpleasant and violent remarks too. This is the case of Kathy Sierra, a popular tech blogger who suffered threatening comments on her blog after publishing a post on it; event that prompted a proposal of a code of conduct for bloggers.

Once the blogger Kathy Sierra had revealed that she had fallen victim to nasty and sexist anonymous comments besides a series of weblogs created with the aim of cyber-bullying, Tim O’Reilly, an author and conference presenter aware of the case, started working out a Blogger’s Code of Conduct that provided the key points to proper use of blogs avoiding cyber-bullying and abusive comments:

1. Do not just worry about the content of your posts. You own your own words, that’s clear. However, owning your own words also implies owning the effects that your behaviour when writing a post can have on the blog readers.

2. Specify your “tolerance limit” as for the  abusive comments. Posting your own code of conduct may be a good idea for that, ending up in that way with nasty remarks.

3. Do avoid anonymous comments. If someone is willing to share his or her own opinion, then that person should be identified with a valid email address.

4. Ignore the trolls. Know when to walk away from a thread by, for instance, banning the IP address of those who violate your guidelines. In that way, there will be no need to shame them publicly.

5. Do not miss the benefits of a face to face conversation. Misunderstandings should not be discussed publicly. People involved in any conflict should talk in a private conversation if they want to solve the problem.

6. Do not allow an inappropriate behavior. Do not remain silent about offensive or threatening remarks, no one deserves it.

7. Be yourself. Do not say anything online that you would not say in person; behave the same way.

I personally believe that the Blogger’s Code of Conduct may result beneficial in terms of putting some limits to the speech freedom that any holder of a blog owns. In fact, having freedom of expression does not mean that you have the right to publish whatever you want; abusive, violent and threatening comments should not be allowed. Nevertheless, I do also think that this code should not end up fostering censorship, it should not become the perfect excuse to remove comments from people disagreeing with the blog owner.

Cristina de la Bodega Domingo-Aldama


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